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I already know how the conversation between Estelle and an exec at her record label went.

Label Guy: Hey Estelle, y’know that “Freak” single didn’t work like we thought, and putting you in blackface for the video didn’t stir up enough controversy.

Estelle: (With strong British accent) Oi! I hear what you’re saying. Maybe we should try going in another direction.

Label Guy: Huh? I can’t understand that language you’re speaking.  What is that?  Spanish?

Estelle: (Speaking slowly) Let’s. Try. Going. In. Another. Direction. Something new perhaps?

Label Guy: Oh no, no, no… we can’t try something new!  You had a big hit with that “American Boy” song a couple of years ago.  Let’s just try and copy that song.  We’ll mimic that same early 80s’ style that everyone loved so much from that song, and we’ll get another rapper to hop on it… Let’s see… How about B.O.B.?  Well actually, that won’t work.  He’s a much bigger star than you are today.  He doesn’t need to do an Estelle record.  You need him more than he needs you.  What about…. oh this is crazy enough that it might work!  What about Nas?  It’ll be good for his image, with that divorce from that crazy chick that’s popular in your country but not here in the United States!

Estelle: Nas is cool.  I guess we can get him on here…

Label Guy: This is gonna be huge!  The general public isn’t smart enough to realize that we’re basically trying to give them the same song twice!  We’ll change up the lyrics so they can’t say it’s a total rip off, but the sound will be so familiar to them, it’ll be like Pavlov’s dog!  They’ll hear it and immediately associate it with the one song of yours that they did like!  That should mean they’ll like it too, right?

Estelle: Ummm…

Label Guy: Of course they will!!!   Let’s book some studio time for you right away!

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