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Drake & Alicia Keys have a winner on their hands.

Taken from Drake’s forthcoming Thank Me Later, “Fireworks” sounds like the logical follow-up, sonically, to their previous collaboration, “Unthinkable” from Alicia’s latest album.

Being known as the resident hater of both Alicia Keys & Drake in The Urban Daily’s offices, it comes as a shock that I actually like this song (read: for the record, I’m a fan of “Unthinkable” too).  However, I know that by the time the song gets played nine hundred times on the radio each hour, winds up in several movie trailers and commercials for an upcoming episode of some random television show, and the Dominicans in the barbershop under my apartment have it on repeat for hours (thanks for subliminally teaching me all the words to Usher’s “OMG,” guys!), I will end up despising this song like I normally would.

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