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Fly Paper Supports Columbus in Black Music Month

When Big Yogi birthed the Fly Paper idea and brand, he wanted to make sure he gave back to the same people who supported him. It’s very important for us as a staff, crew, and family to hold down the same people who keep us up and running: and that is you, Columbus! We always make sure to share local artists and their music on our blog (, website (, and our magazine that hits inboxes weekly. Between these three main forms of reaching our viewers, we pride ourselves in giving back to the people who deserve it the most; and those people are our up and coming artists! This article is no different…with June being black music month, we want to continue the celebration and show our respect to Columbus’ own at the same time.

If any of our readers has any doubt on our ability to support our local artists, our resume speaks volumes for itself. Weekly, we post different tracks each from different Columbus artists. These are songs that can be downloaded and allow their music to be spread. Some of the artists posted for download have included (but is not limited to) C10 of Omnibreed, Producer B-Banga, Poitier Pockets, Copywrite, L.E, Fly Union, Searius Add, Kim Joyce, Trek Manifest, and J. Osceola. Whenever songs, albums, or mixtapes aren’t being posted for download we are busy doing interviews and full-length features on our artists as well. Some local artists that we have had the honor of featuring through interviews include (but again are not limited to) 107.5’s The Street Pastor, The 3rd, Wise, TJD and Testimony, Debonair, and producer AU.

As you can see this is quite the list of just SOME of the artists from the city that we have supported, featured, or posted throughout our years, and our resume is growing each day. Going back into our history, there are simply too many to name in just one article so please don’t be offended if your name was not mentioned here. Even with this many artists that have been supported by Fly Paper, we still know there are plenty more within the city that need to be heard! We’re only looking up from here. Not only will we be sure to support Columbus artists, we will also celebrate black music throughout the entire year! If you are a rapper, singer, producer, poet or more, we want to hear from you! Send us your information along with examples of your work to