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Every Monday morning I address your relationship questions on live on the air. Shoot me an email, I may select your question!
Q: Im in a sitiuation that my baby’s mom is trying to take my son and move to Florida just because i dnt wanta be in a relationship with her…Misty i do EVERYTHING for my son and i also help take care of her 4 year old who doesnt have a dad… My son just turned 1 years old and he is my everything. Im tired of putting my happiness to the side just because she dont wanta see me happy without her…Im so tired of crying over this i have even started smoking again. I dont like how this is playing out can u please give me some advice…

A:First I want to commend you for being a good father. being a good father. There are so many men, with kids who are not fathers at all!! So it’s really unfortunate when a man is trying to be a good father, and CAN’T be.

If your son’s mother decides to move to Florida or Africa you may not be able to do anything to stop her. I would however express the type of impact it may have on you and your son. Now that may not change anything, but at least you know you did and said all you could. Whatever you do, don’t let the convo get heated. Because you don’t want her to high tail it out of Ohio.

If she’s determined to pack up and pull off, get ready to reprogram the way you think. You may have to see him on holidays, and summer vacations. The good news is he’s only one, which means he’s not in school, so you may be able to keep him for 6 months out of the year!!   

Thank you for sending me your “Matter of the Heart.” I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you~


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