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Kenny Burns tweeted today about the new freestyle video that has surfaced of rapper Kanye West spittin hottness from his upcoming album at the Facebook headquarters.  Why he was there on a stage rapping I have no idea but he was & someone got it on tape prompting Kenny Burns to tweet about it. “Kanye West is the BEST ARTiST of this Generation! QUESTiON: Is he better than Jay Z?”

Now I know some of you all are like, who is Kenny Burns and what qualifies him to be an expert on the rap game?  Well he was only one of the instrumental higher ups when Roc-a-fell was at it’s prime.  Now he’s got his own thing going encompassing the urban lifestyle calling himself a ‘Lifestyle Specialist’  so the brotha knows a lil something.

So let’s discuss what Kenny Burns is saying.  Is Kanye West the best artist of this generation?  Let’s go beyond Jay-Z has been in the game for up-teen years and has an empire.  Let’s break it down to skills & the ability to flow!

Check out Kanye and Jay-Z below and take the poll

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