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Montana Fishburne conducted an exclusive interview with The daughter of hollywood veteran Laurence Fishburne has aroused a great deal of conversation over her decision to start in an adult movie in the hopes of “advancing her career.”

In the interview she throws her music video co-star Brian Pumper under the bus and says that they don’t speak anymore.

BV: So when you were Chippy D you were with him?

MF: No, that was for a music video. I knew him and that was it.

BV: Do you think Brian Pumper will have a rap career now that he has a video out?

MF: No, I don’t think his music appeals to the mainstream.

BV: When are we going to see you and him in action?

MF: Me and Brian are no longer in contact.

BV: Do you think he’s exploiting you?

MF: Yes, I feel taken advantage by Brian Pumper. I don’t really want to go into details about the situation. Jeremy, he feels for me, he knows how I feel about it. He has talked to Brian, and they have dealt with each other, because I don’t even want to deal with him anymore. I’m not in contact with Brian Pumper, and I’m just trying to get rid of the situation.

Was she a prostitute? When did she lose her virginity? What’s up with the name Chippy D? Get answers to all of these questions at BlackVoices!

UPDATE: Brian Pumper Has Responded To Montana’s Allegations. Click HERE for his side of this sordid story.


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