Written by KayJay –

I came home this morning and fired up my Twitter to see everyone going in on Bow Wow about some letter he wrote and posted on his blog. After further investigation, I found a “letter” that Bow wrote at 5:39 AM this morning. I’m still not fully sure what sparked this early-morning post, but it is obvious he is responding to all of the claims and allegations that he does not support his city or his state now that he has seen national success. Without saying much else, I will let you read it first. Here’s the letter from :

People always quick to say ” Bow wow never be in columbus, or i never see em” who said i have to broadcast everytime i go home. When i go back to columbus which is often, i go for family. I chill out to get away from the lime light and spend time with my love ones. If your sitting at home with your homeboys what are you accomplishing? answer… NOTHING! I’m on the road busting my ass not only for myself but for my town. Understand that i do this for ohio. I’m proud to be an ohio’n. I just want to be the walking billboard for all young males and females of ohio and all around the world that want to make it and live out a dream. I was born at


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