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They’ve all contemplated retirement at least ONCE. So, here’s what they should do when it actually happens….Alright, so while I was heading to work this morning, it dawned on me- Why do so many rappers contemplate retirement..especially the younger ones? Certain reasons come to mind, but I couldn’t fix my brain cells into understanding the concept of backing away from something you love, so MUCH.

Of course, music industry politics come to mind when contemplating the shift in careers. But still, during those trying times, someone(s) or something has to wrangle that thought back into the secluded spot it derived from.

And since not ONE rapper I’m about to list has carried the idea of “retirement” all the way through, I thought it would be extremely generous of me to supply a couple of cool “Post-Retirement Jobs” based on their previous work experiences.

Some have attempted to bow out gracefully and humbly, others, well others attempted to storm out the game due to a sequence of events that just didn’t fall in their favor and others need to just quit, RIGHT NOW!. Though most of these are done in jest (a disclaimer that’s extremely necessary around these parts), some of my suggestions are based off what that particular person has dealt with in the past… yeah…enjoy!

Check out these ‘noisemakers’ below:

Lupe Fiasco Lupe toyed with the idea of retirement back in January of 2008 claiming he was tired of the rigid lifestyle. Well,  since Mr. Fiasco is one of the braniacs of the hip-hop bunch, wouldn’t it be cool to see him behind a counter at your local comic book store? Japanese Animation: Check! Skateboarding at ones lyrical leisure: Check! And he’ll never be judged for sporting Clark Kent type frames with an afro that slightly resembles a dirty black tennis ball. Talk about Cool, lol.

Kid Cudi The self proclaimed moon man has it all mapped out- one album and that’s it. Back in March, Cudi took to the eStreets of his own blog basically explaining he’s jut not built for the limelight due to the gossip, politics and everything in between. Well since this “martian” is so out of this world, why not polish up on a couple astronomy facts and become a NASA Space Camp tour guide. This way, he REALLY has a chance at becoming the first rapper on the moon. Far out, dude.

Diddy I don’t think he’s ever mentioned the idea of retiring. However,  I personally wouldn’t mind if he planted his hyper ass in a seat somewhere. And to the powers that be at MTV, please cease in giving him the ability to create TV shows every time he blinks. I’ll unplug my DirectTV box if I see Diddy Presents “Making The Dinner: The Ultimate Search For The Sexiest Meal in America”. GAG!

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