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Drake Being Chased By Serena Williams?
Hip hop superstar Drake has reportedly caught the eye of tennis superstar Serena Williams.  Page Six reports that Williams has asked her agents to introduce her to the “Miss Me” rapper. An insider said, “They’re hoping to fix up a meeting with Serena when he plays Radio City later this month.”  The 28-year-old Serena is five years older than Drake, which is perfect because older women turn Drake on. Earlier this week the Canadian emcee told an interviewer: “I love older women . . . I love experience and maturity and the conversation. I like to learn from an individual, like, when we converse, I like to really be able to soak it all in, the knowledge, the wisdom, all that.”
FYI: Rumor has it that Drake’s been kickin’ it with Oscar-nominated actress Taraji P. Henson, who is also an older woman: she turns 40 on September 11.

Meanwhile, Media Take Out reports that Serena Williams has gone on a couple of dates with Amare Stoudemire of the New York Knicks. Amare is friends with Carmelo Anthony and Melo’s wife, LaLa Vasquez has reportedly been trying to play matchmaker. An insider told MTO that “so far, it looks like they’re hitting it off.” But from the less-than-lovey-dovey expressions on their faces in this picture, Serena and Amare might be stuck in the friend zone