Recently I was watching television and I saw a commercial that made me want to go buy an XBOX 360 immediately… It’s a game that is truly made for a Hip-Hop head like myself. It’s called DJ Hero: Renegade Edition. It features music from two of my favorite rappers…Jay-Z and Eminem. Here is a brief description (via Electronica):

Activision released a limited-run version of DJ Hero, now called the Renegade Edition. The special version will have a black turntable with special gold-effect sliders and other trim. A special hard case doubles as a stand for the turntable itself, bringing up the controller to standing height. CDs from Eminem and Jay-Z will also come with the bundle and offer some tracks that haven’t been released before.

My love life is definitely about to take a hit because i’m going to be spending countless hours playing with myself (get your minds out of the gutter)!!!

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