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T.I. Stops Suicide!
T.I. helped save a man who was about to kill himself yesterday. Tip heard a report on Atlanta radio about a man who was threatening to jump off of a 22-story building – the same building where the radio station is located.  So, T.I. phoned the station and asked if there was anything he could do to help; then he drove to the station and met with police who were trying to talk the man down. They asked T.I. to record a video message urging the man not to end his life. In the video, T.I. reportedly said: “Nothing is that bad. Nothing in life is worth taking your life. I’m here to help you. Please come down to talk to me.” 
Police played the video for the man and he actually came in off of the ledge! T.I. talked with the guy in the lobby for a while and offered more words of encouragement.