March Madness is going to be fan free. Today (March 11), the NCAA announced the drastic step it was taking of restricting fan access to the Men's Basketball tournament as well as other events.

With the U. S. being swept with COVID 19, everyone is a bit on edges. Im pretty sure that the disinfectant companies are happy since Lysol, Clorox, wipes and sprays are being purchased way more due to this pandemic. People are turning to their phones to find answers on this disease, how did it begin, […]

While vendors may be unable to fill orders, the CDC has says it's unlikely that packaged products can carry the virus to others.

Cardi B has been known for voicing her very loud opinion on various subjects ranging from politics, police and stripper poles. Tuesday she took to social media to remind her fans just how scary the Coronavirus actually is Safe to say Cardi B is just as shook as the rest of us with this thing! […]

The 614

The governor is not wasting any time or resources to combat the growing number of virus cases. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine is doing his best to make people use the best precautions and get ready to fight against the coronavirus. On Tuesday the governor gave people recommendations and what state and health officials plan to […]

A strip club in Florida and a second in Las Vegas are doing their due diligence to help combat the spread of COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, one lap dance at a time.

Another day, another coronavirus caused pushback. One of America’s biggest music festivals is reportedly about to postpone till the fall. Forbes is citing multiple sources that claim that The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has been postponed over coronavirus concerns. Instead of the festival taking place on the weekends of April 10th and 17th, it will reportedly be […]

  Ohio Governor Mike DeWine held a press conference confirming that three cases of the Coronavirus COVID-19 have been confirmed in the state after testing.  The Ohio Department of Health also confirmed that eight people have been tested for the virus as of March 9th. The three confirmed are from Cuyahoga County and are in […]


Lately, the coronavirus has shut down everything and with more cases on the rise it doesn’t look like the trend of canceling events is going to stop any time soon. Recently one of the biggest events in the country that has been coming to Columbus for the past 3 decades was canceled “The Arnold Sports […]


The festival is the first to cancel its big music, digital and interactive event. Washington state and California have announced a state of emergency after seeing numbers rise of the coronavirus. Austin, TX has also announced a state of emergency that has forced South by Southwest Festival to have to cancel their event that was […]


The Laker said he plays for his “team and for the fans.” California announced this week a state of emergency after the state saw a rise in coronavirus cases. Los Angeles Times reports a Grand Princess cruise ship not being allowed to dock due to 12 travelers being affected with the virus. As of Saturday, […]