Summer time is one of the worse times for Crime in Columbus, With that being said people are starting to not care more and more. We as a people need to change this in order to keep everyone safe. Columbus police are searching for someone who shot a vehicle while children were inside the car. […]

High water that came down last night may have been the reason that a Grove City Bridge may have cracked. Part of the Bridge can not be located, The bridge is located on White Road. Construction crews are on the way to fix the bridge. There is no saying when teh repairs wil be made. […]

Mount Carmel came to a 4.5 million dollar settlement over the deaths Dr. Husel caused. Over 29 wrongful death lawsuits were filed. Mount Carmel was only able to get to 7 of those deaths at the moment. Two of those cases were not involved in the case were apart of the lawsuit. All we can […]

Safe driving and paying attention on the road has been something that all of Ohio is trying to promote. Everyone wants to be safe and make it to where they are trying to get. There was a crash on I-70 East along the Alum Creek Exit. The call for the accident came in Tuesday morning […]

The Violence in Columbus continues and it is reaching to a point where it is effecting our young people. There need to be safe places for children to be children where they don’t have to worry about having their lives in danger. A Columbus 13 year old boy was shot in Weinland Park on Thursday. […]

With Gun Violence being a huge issue in the city of Columbus. It is getting to a point where residential and even public places are becoming unsafe spaces for individuals to stay away from gun violence. One person was injured and taking to the hospital after a shooting in North Columbus’s Kroger. The shooting occurred […]

On Saturday a motorcyclist died due to a 3 vehicle crash accident in Lancaster. The Motorcyclist, Brian Taylor, was travelling when he switched lanes of traffic and hit an SUV around him. After hitting the SUV, the motorcycle also hit a pick up truck. Sources say that he was not wearing a helmet and was […]

Columbus Activist Amber Evans was last seen January 28th near the Scioto River in Columbus, fast forward to March 24th where Columbus Police announced that a body was recovered from the river.¬† Hours later the body was identified as Amber Evans. On January 28th , local activist Amber Evans was reported missing by her family […]

Its 2019 and women are still fighting for equality in all areas including the construction industry. According to 10TV.com, a local Columbus construction company that currently has less than 10 percent of female construction workers wants to spark change. The company called Turner Construction has created a networking group called Building Turner Women which is […]

For all of you expecting parents, Walmart is here to help by hosting an in-store event dedicated to all things baby. This Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Walmart stores are inviting soon-to-be parents to participate in Baby Savings Day. There will be hands-on demonstrations of how to use baby gear, availability to chat […]

Yes the new year is upon us all, and I’m sure some of you may have even made New Year Resolutions, or maybe you’ve written your goals down. One of my goals starting off is to drink Water all January 2019. There are so many benefits to drinking water like, according to medicalnewstodays.com 10 benefits […]

  Columbus is home to unique eats on all sides of the city. This week is the time to celebrate all the black owned restaurants with Black Restaurant Week!¬†November 11th- November 17th is your chance to try some of the best black owned restaurants around the city! Walk into any of these restaurants this week […]