The 614

The 614

Singer Trey Songz recently shot a new video for his upcoming single showing a lot of skin.   Check out the racy photos from Trey Songz’ new video for the song “Invented Sex”.

The fashionista Rihanna has reinvented herself once again. Check out her new hair style tell us if it’s hot or not!

It seems that Rihanna is getting back to the recording business.  She was recently spotted in Berlin shooting her album cover and now has been spotted in New York City going into a recording studio.  She is said to be working with Justin Timberlake, Ne-Yo, Drake and more. Rihanna also tweeted that “The Wait is […]

Us Usher recently had an altercation with his soon to be ex wife Tameka Raymond.  The details are sketchy but Usher is claiming that his wife showed up to his house and that they had an argument.  Tameka was asked to leave the property but refused until the cops showed up. Usher says that he […]

Bill Cosby is known to many as a comedian, actor and an activist but not many people would have guessed that he would be dipping into the music business much less Hip Hop.  The album entitled, The Cosnarati: State of Emergency,  is set to be released November 24th and will contain music that is geared […]

A new Chris Brown track has been leaked.  I’m not sure if this is going to be on his upcoming album Graffitti, but this is entitled So Cold.  Do you thin it’s not or not?  Leave a comment below!

Locked up rapper T.I. is still putting out music despite being gone.  Here is the newest video to come out from him is Hell Of A Life.

The nominations for the 2009 American Music Awards have just come out and it’s looking like Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, Eminem, Kings Of Leon and Beyonce are all I a position to win big. The 2009 American Music Awards will be broadcast live on Sunday, November 22nd at 8 PM. NOMINATIONS FOR THE 2009 AMERICAN […]

Check out the trailer for the new Michael Jackson movie ‘This is it’ & listen to the title song. Leave a comment below & tell us what you think of the new song.

WANT TO LEARN MORE? See below why it is IMPERATIVE that we act to save Black radio: 1. The promotional value of free local radio airplay translates into significant revenues for artists and record labels: According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), record sales in the United States in 2007 were approximately $10.4 […]

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