If you’ve flown spirit airlines just once then you gotta know this kinda foolishness can pop off at anytime, hence the reason I will never ever fly spirit again lol I mean it’s cheap but as you can see you get what you paid for. There’s a reasons tickets have that price tag on them, […]


ENOUGH……I just had to say that, something just are supposed to be done. One of those things is the grabbing of a teammates crotch, now i know that people are going to say, what’s the difference between that and when players male and female smack each other on the butt……….A HUGE DIFFERENCE!! I know we’re […]

Now aren’t these two just adorable. So Icy! Rapper Saweetie dropped her awaited EP Icy on Thursday. This week she dropped the visuals to the song “Emotional,” featuring her bae Migos Quavo.   Using the inspired “Crazy In Love” beat from Beyonce. Quavo also has a verse and on the song as well. Saweetie and […]


  Should Will Smith get behind this and make into an actual movie??

Over the weekend while kickin’ it at LIV night club in Miami Kodak Black decided to do the unthinkable grab the mic and diss Lil Wayne just outta nowhere. And his response is “Y’all crazy why would I diss Lil Wayne I weigh 180 lbs!” WTF what does that have to do with anything but […]

This has to taste nasty as hell the taste of beer by it’s self is horrible and now you want to add marshmallows along with fruity Calypso hops “What”?? And how do you expect to drink this beer??LOL not to mention during what shows on T.V. would you advertise??


Now I know God/Jesus didn’t approve this lol and what’s crazy is that this pastor has been making $$$$$$ by¬† getting his flock to believe that he has special powers, powers that haven’t been seen since the Bible