Do you plan on seeing Wiz Khalifa live at The LC Pavilion this summer? What about the “I DON’T GET TIRED” hard-working Kevin Gates?

GREAT NEWS: POWER 107.5 has a way for YOU to avoid those often dreadful, LOOOOOONG lines…so YOU can have first dibbs on the best view of the concert!!

It’s called: Dew The Download-SKIP THE LINE. 

Wiz Khalifa - Boys of Zummer Tour 2015

Source: Janette Pellegrini / Getty Images

On Monday, June 29th – Mountain Dew will release a brand new APP with crazy features, plus you can enter codes found on the caps of Mountain Dew bottles and win free prizes!

The first 107 people to show they downloaded the app at BOTH “Boys of Zummer Tour” (Wiz Khalifa/Fall Out Boy) on July 15th and Kevin Gates on July 25th – you get VIP express entry. 


Get it? DEW the download – SKIP the line! Don’t miss out! Be sure to tune into POWER 107.5 for more details on this awesome opportunity.

Kevin Gates

Source: Prince Williams / Getty Images

Dew The Download:

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