As Magic Johnson says, “All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and someone who believes in them.” By showing them the path, in the end they are the ones who teach and inspire us, by overcoming their obstacles and not only graduating high school, but going on to live a fulfilling life. Students like Marcell Pickens.

Marcell started out at Bridgescape not wanting to follow directions, and being disruptive. But he stuck with the program. In time he became fully involved in all aspects of school life. He attended Bridgescape for two and a half years. While there, he took advantage of every opportunity, playing basketball, attending school trips, and most important, showing up for school.

Marcell graduated last June with his high school diploma, and is in college now with a 3.7 GPA his first semester.

Program Director Monica Scott credits Marcell’s success to his willingness to “embrace all the opportunities available,” explaining, “Students don’t have to be a genius, just all-in: willing to use what we offer and be willing to invest in themselves.”


Marcell _Bridgescape_012215

 Marcell at graduation in June of 2014                          

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