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11 Stars Before And After Plastic Surgery  was originally published on

1. BEFOREL Lil’ Kim — Before

BEFOREL Lil’ Kim — Before

When we first met Kim, she looked like this…

2. AFTER: Lil’ Kim

AFTER: Lil’ Kim

Kim has had a considerable amount of plastic surgery, including nose job, breast augmentation, among other surgeries.

3. BEFORE: Tamar Braxton (with Toni Braxton)

BEFORE: Tamar Braxton (with Toni Braxton)

Tamar in 2001, fresh faced and young.

4. AFTER: Tamar Braxton

AFTER: Tamar Braxton

The singer-reality star has admitted to having work done on her nose plus botox and fillers.

5. BEFORE: Kim Kardashian

BEFORE: Kim Kardashian

In 2006, Kim was looking quite different than she does now.

6. AFTER: Kim Kardashian

AFTER: Kim Kardashian

It’s noticeable that her butt has gotten considerably bigger. She’s also had work done on her nose,

7. BEFORE: LL Cool J


It’s rumored that LL has got some work done…

8. BEFORE: Vivica A. Fox

BEFORE: Vivica A. Fox

Vivica when she first stepped on the scene.

9. AFTER: Vivica A. Fox

AFTER: Vivica A. Fox

At 50, Vivica is still looking good, but it’s been said she’s had work done on her lips, nose, and breasts.

10. BEFORE: Ciara


She was cute at 19.

11. AFTER: Ciara

AFTER: Ciara

The ATL singer has been said to have had a breast augmentation.

12. BEFORE: Beyonce

BEFORE: Beyonce

Still in Destiny’s Child, we see Beyonce in this pic in 2000.

13. AFTER: Beyonce

AFTER: Beyonce

It looks as though the queen has had some work done on her nose.

14. BEFORE: Tyra Banks

BEFORE: Tyra Banks

Has Tyra Banks had some work done?

15. AFTER: Tyra Banks

AFTER: Tyra Banks

Tyra is rumored to having a nose job.

16. BEFORE: Amerie

BEFORE: Amerie

When Amerie first wowed us with her catchy “Why Don’t We Fall in Love” tune.

17. AFTER: Amerie

AFTER: Amerie

Amerie’s another singer who’s had work done to her nose.

18. BEFORE: Kelly Rowland

BEFORE: Kelly Rowland

You’ll see this Destiny’s Child grew up in more ways than one…

19. AFTER: Kelly Rowland

AFTER: Kelly Rowland

Kell’s had her breasts augmented.

20. BEFORE: LaToya Jackson

BEFORE: LaToya Jackson

Remember when LaToya looked this way?