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Ok let’s be honest: we can get sucked into watching hair tutorials on YouTube for hours. However considering the amazing amount of talent that many beauty vloggers possess, it doesn’t surprise us at all. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next hairstyle or just love watching hair tutorials as much as us, we rounded up some of the best hair vloggers we’ve come across. Click through for 35 Black YouTube vloggers you should follow for hair inspiration and thank us later!

35 Black YouTube Vloggers You Should Follow For Hair Inspiration  was originally published on

1. Naptural85

With almost one million subscribers on YouTube, Whitney White of Naptural85 shows off a variety of natural hair tutorials and product reviews on her page. Naptural85’s hair type is 4A and 4B in her crown.

2. GlamTwinz334

Twin sisters Kelsey and Kendra Murrell are two of the most popular hair vloggers on YouTube, and will instantly suck you in on their channel. They share how they transitioned from relaxed to natural hair and grew their long, healthy locks. They also provide plenty of step-by-step hair routines.

3. JourneyTo WaistLength

This YouTube vlogger shares various fashion hauls and beauty videos on her channel, but she’s most popular for her hair videos. Get tips and tricks on styling your natural hair, growing your hair and more!

4. NaturalNeiicey

If you’re looking for natural hair inspiration, check out Neiicey’s YouTube channel. She shares endless hairstyles with her plethora of hair tutorials, and she’ll even show you how to safely straighten your natural hair.

5. Raven Elyse

If you like wig tutorials or are interested in trying out a wig for the first time, YouTube vlogger Raven Elyse is perfect to follow! Riana also uploads videos of hair product reviews, curly hair tutorials and more.

6. Roxanna Renea

On Roxanna’s YouTube channel, she takes her subscribers on her relaxed hair journey. She shares tips on how to keep relaxed hair healthy and even posts videos on wig reviews.

7. Amber Ansah

Amber, who has 3C/4A hair and hails from Belgium, loves to keep her YouTube subscribers entertained with hair tutorials. Amber also shares her must-have hair products and how she went from a teeny weeny afro to shoulder-length hair in two years.

8. Jasmine Brown

YouTube vlogger Jasmine Brown has nearly 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube and is known for her gorgeous head of curls. We love her curly hair tutorials and how-to videos!

9. Joyjah

Joyjah’s YouTube channel may be relatively new, but we’re already loving the hair inspiration from the girl known as “Freckles & Curls.” Check out her curly hair routines and tutorials, and stay tuned to her channel for more!

10. Snatched by Sharmel

If you are in search of weave or braid tutorials, Sharmel should be one of your go-to YouTube vloggers. From her amazingly detailed goddess loc tutorial to her DIY wig videos, Sharmel will ensure your next hairstyle is truly snatched!

11. TheBrilliantBeauty

Jodian of TheBrilliantBeauty considers herself a “DIY stylist” of over ten years, and her YouTube channel proves that she’s a hair force to be reckoned with. Whether you’re looking for hair color tutorials, advice on making a wig or want to learn how to do crotchet braids at home, TheBrilliantBeauty has you covered.

12. Sadora Paris

One thing we love about Sadora Paris’ YouTube channel is that she focuses on hair care! Besides keeping your hair healthy, beauty vlogger Sadora also shares hairstyle tutorials and even has a wig series.

13. Kaice Alea

Beauty vlogger Kaice Alea has made a name for herself on YouTube and she’s still in college! Kaice, whose hair type is 4A/B, hosts a Curls with Kaice series which gives great advice and tips for natural haired girls and offers tutorials for hair inspo.

14. Wendy Joseph

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next natural hairstyle or cut, Wendy Joseph has a tutorial to help you! The beauty vlogger also loves to share two-in-one styles and her go-to hair products on her YouTube channel.

15. Chizi Duru

Calling all 4C hair types! Chizi Duru’s YouTube channel is full of 4C hair inspiration from washing to styling in twistouts and bantu knots to straightening your hair.

16. Lexis Hair

Want to learn how to create a natural hairstyle in minutes? Need tips on blending clip-ins with your hair or getting a flat frontal closure? You’ll want to subscribe to Lexis Hair’s channel!

17. Tyiece

Beauty vlogger Tyiece, who has relaxed hair, loves to do her own hair and document on her YouTube channel. Check her out for hair care tips, product reviews and hairstyles for relaxed girls.

18. Hair Mary

Amber of Hair Mary did a big chop in 2013, and she’s been posting natural hair tutorials ever since! Check out her YouTube channel for endless hair inspiration.

19. TheChicNatural

TheChicNatural’s YouTube channel is full of fashion, makeup and food videos but she’s also well known for her hair videos! Subscribe to her page for some of the best and most creative natural hair tutorials and tips.

20. Freedom Styles

Whether you want to learn how to braid your own hair, install a weave or DIY a wig, Freedom Styles has a video tutorial to show you how to do it! Be sure to follow the Nigerian beauty vlogger for amazing hair inspiration.

21. Halfrican Beaute

Halfrican Beaute’s YouTube channel is full of fashion and lifestyle tips, but we’re loving her natural hair tutorials for type 4 hair. If you have thick and kinky hair, you’ll find unlimited inspiration for your next hairstyle on this channel!

22. Bri Hall

Beauty vlogger Bri Hall has an artistic background which is displayed in her super creative hair tutorials. From funky hair tutorials to hair color tips to curly hair inspiration, Bri truly delivers!

23. Joi Wade

If you want to grow your natural hair, then you’ll want to check out Joi Wade’s YouTube channel! The college and beauty vlogger shows viewers how she grew her 4C hair from shoulder length to waist length in a multitude of videos.

24. Jewellianna Palencia

With almost 250,000 subscribers, Jewllianna Palencia, a.k.a. JeweJeweBee, shares her hair journey with her viewers and how she went from thin and damaged hair to thick and healthy natural curls. Check out her channel for tons of hair inspiration!

25. Napp Queen

The beauty vlogger known as Napp Queen is dedicated to showing off her real natural hair in every video she posts, and she’s great at demonstrating how to style your hair, avoid shrinkage and more!

26. Ebony’s Curly TV

We’re obsessed with Ebony’s YouTube channel, which is packed with so much amazing hair content! From her straightTalk, curlTalk and Hair Repair series to her styling tutorial videos to answering her viewers’ most frequently asked questions, Ebony doesn’t disappoint.

27. What Lies Beneath The Weave

After wearing weaves for a few years, Jennifer’s hair got too long and kinky for sew-ins and she created her YouTube channel What Lies Beneath The Weave. Her channel highlights her journey of embracing and taking care of her natural hair after wearing weaves and even shows how her hair changed after getting pregnant.


Natural hair vlogger Traeh created her YouTube channel IAMTRAEH to inspire women to wear their natural hair with confidence! Check out her channel for detailed hairstyle tutorials, hair care tips and product advice.

29. allofdestiny

Destiny is the face behind the popular allofdestiny YouTube channel. Destiny shares a plethora of tips and techniques for relaxed hair and wigs, and uploads new videos every week.

30. TheNotoriousKIA

If you’re looking for a variety of videos focused on both haircare and tutorials, you’ll want to head over to TheNotoriousKIA’s YouTube channel! In addition to her inspiring hair videos, Kia also shares fun fashion lookbooks and DIY videos.

31. Melissa Denise

On Melissa Denise’s YouTube channel, you’ll find tons of natural hair tips for the transitioner. Melissa also shares fun hairstyle ideas, DIY hair treatments and more!

32. ULoveMegz

Megan a.k.a Megz has the perfect YouTube channel for transitioners! She has a ton of relaxed hair care and styling tutorials but after deciding to go natural, Megz takes her viewers on her new natural hair journey.

33. Brianne LIVE

If you love your relaxed hair, then you’ll love Brianne’s YouTube channel! Briane shares her relaxed hair journey with her viewers and whenever she decides to give her hair a break, she also shares videos on braids and wigs.


We may be addicted to NICKYBNATURAL’s YouTube channel which is full of how-tos, tips and advice for girls with natural hair. Whether you want to learn how to take care of your natural strands or get inspired for a new protective style, Nicky is your go-to beauty vlogger.

35. Kaye Wright

Short hair, don’t care! If you wear your hair cropped, you’ll definitely want to check out YouTube channel, Short Hair DIY with Kaye Wright. Kaye will show you how to create edgy styles with your short hair and even shares quick hair fixes.