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'Black Ink Crew': Two Newbies Get The Boot & Is  Ceaser Is Back?

Source: Courtesy VH1 / Black Ink Crew 

Teddy and Puma make two shocking eliminations, Rok and Krystal make it official, and the teaser for next week’s season finale hints at some major drama.

Draya Thinks AMH & Jahnova Were Mean Girls Last Week

After last week’s drama, the newbies are chilling with the OGs Alex and Draya before the big pop-up tattoo event. Playing a game of Truth or Dare, Draya reveals that she didn’t like Miracle’s piercing from last week, but Liza appreciates Mircale’s effort and taking the initiative.

Jahnova admits she was doing too much and said it was nothing personal with Liza. Draya sides with Liza and says that both AMH and Jahnova were bullying Liza, and of course, AMH strongly disagrees.

Alex steps in and tells everyone to get over themselves and focus on the competition because that is the most important thing. Speaking of Alex, he links up with his son to spend some quality time with him. Alex’s baby’s mother and their son moved to Atlanta 3 years ago.

He’s dead set on being a better role model to his child.

Rok & Krystal Speed Things Up

After Rok said yes to Krystal and broke the news to his momma, who was a bit worried her son was about to get himself trapped in a toxic situation, the couple decided to bring their momma’s to bring even more news to rattle them.

While at dinner, Rok and Krystal surprise their moms by revealing their wedding date is already set, the whole ceremony is going down the following day, and they hope their moms will be in attendance.

They both had their worries but eventually came around to showing up at the wedding to support Rok and Krystal.

At the small wedding ceremony, Rok and Krystal said I do, finally becoming a married couple. We shall see how long this lasts.

It’s Time For Another Black Ink Crew Event

It’s time for the pop-up event, and before things get started, Puma pulls Liza and AMH to the side to talk about what happened last week.

Puma calls out AMH for being a bully for how she treated Liza and Miracle for how they do things, basically telling her that it’s not her place. During her confessional, AMH says she stands by what she said.

The pop-up shop starts, and everyone is working hard and making a good impression on Teddy and Puma, but a mistake does happen.

Miya Bailey notices Santana misspelled the client’s tattoo, and he gives her some advice for the next time so that it doesn’t happen again. He brings up the mistake when Puma and Teddy ask him if he had to decide who he would cut.

While Santana’s error stood out, Bailey also pointed out that “hungry” artists like Santana are usually the most loyal and willing to put in the work and eventually become successful artists, even after making mistakes, and Puma agrees.

It’s Time To Make Some More Cuts

Puma and Teddy show up at the Atlanta spot, and they break down everyone’s performance during the event. They tell the newbies when they cut the ribbon on the new shop. They want people with as much experience as possible, and they feel Liz will not meet that expectation, so they send her home.

During her confessional, Liz says she disagrees with their decision and is heartbroken.

Puma and Teddy are not down, Puma reveals they will eliminate one more person, and as much as he likes AMH, he tells her that she will be going home as well, shocking the entire crew.

During her confessional, AMH thinks Puma is wrong, stands by everything she says, and does not feel she is being a bully.

Welp, so long.

Next week, the drama looks like it’s finally hitting another level when Spyder resurfaces, and it looks like Ceaser will appear.

You can see the reactions to the episode in the gallery below.

Photo: Courtesy VH1 / Black Ink Crew

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