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Last week the some of the Black Ink Crew accompanied Miss Kitty to Memphis to celebrate the life of her late mother. As expected, the drama found them with Kitty and Tati not feeling Puma’s recent hire’s desire to work while on the trip. This week we head back to Grind City to pick right back up on the mess.

The episode begins where last weeks left off with Kitty being saddened by the revelation that her momma’s house is gone. On top of that, she found out that her dad is not coming with her late mother’s ashes, adding more salt to the open wound. Ceaser does his best to cheer up his former flame and brand ambassador by suggesting that they find somewhere to have fun. Kitty winds up taking Ceaser to a potential property that could be home to Black Ink Memphis but the tattoo shop mogul is not feeling it.

Meanwhile back at the house, Puma is absolutely bored and asks the head butler to suggest some fun things to do. Jeeves (that’s what we are going to call him) sets up a game of croquet for the NYC native who has no idea what the hell he is even playing. Tati and Teddy join in on the “fun.” It doesn’t take too long for the mood to be ruined when the former couple decides to start bickering with each other. Tati is salty that Teddy is obviously messing with London, Ted ends the argument quickly with a low blow attributing her anger to the pills she got arrested for. Tati wasn’t feeling that one bit and storms off pretty much ruining the moment.

Back in New York, this season’s new cast member Mike has a dilemma. He just found out that he might be the father of a five-year-old boy he had no idea existed. So he seeks advice from Krystal and Donna for whatever reason, but they just can’t seem to get past the fact he slept with a woman. Both Donna and Krystal think the boy does look like him, and during his confessional, he expresses that if that is his child, he is upset he missed out on so much of the boy’s life.

We head back to Memphis, and London is still committed to doing her job, as she should be. She suggests the idea of doing a Black Ink pool party to both Puma and Teddy, and they are both on board with it. Back in the Empire State, Walt is thrilled with the direction his life is going in. His credit is good, he is out of that crummy apartment, and he has a wonderful girlfriend in Jess. So he plans a family outing with his two kids and his boo so they can bond. Things start off awkward between the kids and Jess, but they eventually warm up to her when she tells them of her plans to be with their dad for a long time. Everything is all good for now, but he is in for a huge disappointment later.

Back at the ratchet pool party, it is going down, but things are a bit crazier than both Puma and Teddy imagined it would be. Tati’s hating ass comes out and immediately points out that Kitty and Ceaser will not be excited about what is going down at the rented house. The hate towards London doesn’t stop there, back in New York Krystal is voicing her displeasure for the new Black Ink employee because she feels London hasn’t shown appreciation towards her for defending her.

We zap back to the Memphis and Ceaser and Kitty finally pull up, and as expected they are baffled at what they are seeing. Tati briefs them on the situation basically snitching on London. Kitty approaches her subordinate and voices her displeasure with her ability to not listen.

After Kitty leaves, London decides she’s gonna keep the party going anyway. Tati does not feel that all and flips out but security gets in between the both of them before fists can be exchanged.

After the dust settles the crew heads back upstairs to console Kitty and they convince her she needs to go outside and do something. She opts to go to the Riverwalk because it was one of her mother’s favorite places to visit. When they get there, Ceaser surprises her with a Chinese lantern he bought for her mom. They light it up and send it off, but it somehow comes back and gets stuck in a tree, despite that gaff, Kitty is happy again.

We jet back to NYC and catch up with Walt and Jess, who are on a date. Walt expresses that he wants their two families to become one and hopefully have children with his girlfriend. Jess is not too thrilled about that idea and has no desire to have any more children. The revelation devastates Walt and totally ruins his evening with the woman he said he wanted to eventually marry.

Back at the shop Ceaser and co return from Memphis and things get testy immediately. Donna, who is the biggest instigator in the shop next to Sky, announces to Krystal that London is back. Krystal wastes no time and slaps London, and the episode ends on a sour note. London leaves the shop and runs outside to tell London that maybe she should take some time off from the shop. London doesn’t feel that at all and storms off. Next week things are only going to get more crazy with the return of Sky.

As usual, Twitter had thoughts on the episode, hit the gallery below for all of them.

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