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Mexican fried bananas

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Social media etiquette isn’t the same as real-world etiquette, which is generally about politeness, decorum and general manners. Social media etiquette is more or less about what not to do unless you want to get yourself dragged.

For example, you just don’t use your Instagram account to come for popular African and Caribbean dishes out of nowhere unless you’re looking to catch the wrath of Black Twitter. You just don’t.

Nutritionist Bryanne Hackman found this out the hard way when she decided to share information nobody asked for about the calorie count in fried plantains.

“As much as I don’t like to admit this, fried plantains have calories,” she wrote in her no-sh**-Sherlock-style revalation. “Looks can be deceiving but portion sizes always tell the truth,” she said, adding that even a small portion of the African dish can run you 1,017 calories.

The popular reaction on Black Twitter can be summarized in two words: Say less.


After catching all the backlash for her unsolicited calorie counting, Hackman promptly got back on the Gram to explain that she didn’t post a plantain diss song, she was just trying to teach people about “weight management” and whatnot.

“Friends, plantain is my favorite food, and as I said in the clip, you don’t have to cut it out,” she said. “But if your goal is weight management or a healthy lifestyle, just manage the portion. You can also bake, boil, or use less oil.”

Yeah, yeah, we know. It’s just—you loud, sis’. Calm down. You ain’t got to count everything. 

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