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Back in the day, there were a plethora of brown skin beauties on the big and small screen. There could be a new movie out starring Gabrielle Union at the same time Nia Long‘s new film was being released. These days, the pickings are kind of slim. Even though we’ve come a long way when it comes to giving brown skin Black women their just due in society, we still have a ways to go.

But thank god that young godiva goddesses all over the world have stars like Ryan Destiny to look up to and show them a beautiful reflection of themselves in the media. We first came to know Ryan as as a member of the girl-group Love Dollhouse in 2013. However, due to reasons still unknown, the group disbanded in 2015, and Ryan decided to try her hand as a solo star. Fast forward to December 2015, Destiny booked one of the lead roles as Alexandra in Lee Daniels’ new series ‘Star’. It’s pretty safe to say she became a star in her own right after that.

Besides being uber talented, fans fell even more in love with Ryan after finding out that she’s dating Keith Powers, who played Ronnie in the New Edition Story. The young, black power couple have their own fan base of “Ry-eith” stans. One fan tweeted, “Keith Powers and Ryan Destiny are like the actual literal definition of sex.” Woo! Must be nice.


Keith is clearly obsessed with his bae RD. He’s always gushing about his love for her, whether it be on social media, or talk show like The Real. He told the hosts, “I am dating Ryan, she’s amazing. I met her a teen Vogue party. It was real platonic. And I seen her walk in, and I said to my friend ‘Who Is That?’”  And the rest is cute couple history.


But we get it, Keith. We’re pretty obsessed with the beauty that is Ryan Destiny too. In honor of the star’s 24th birthday today, take a look a some of her most flawless moments that almost made us drool. You’re welcome.

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1. Prints.


2. Ry in black.


3. Ry in white.


4. Making faces.


5. Ryan Destiny and Luke James


6. Queenin’

7. Angelic.

Angelic. Source:Getty

8. Fashionista.

Fashionista. Source:Getty

9. I mean, woosh.

I mean, woosh. Source:Getty

10. A beaute

A beaute Source:WENN

11. Fresh Face Shawty

Fresh Face Shawty Source:WENN

12. Dopeness

Dopeness Source:WENN

13. Baby Face

14. Magic

Magic Source:WENN

15. A Star

A Star Source:WENN

16. Sheesh.

Sheesh. Source:WENN

17. Hey girl, hey!

Hey girl, hey! Source:WENN

18. Young Beauty.

Young Beauty. Source:WENN

19. Stunner.

Stunner. Source:WENN

20. That smile though.

That smile though. Source:WENN

21. Badass

Badass Source:Getty

22. Show Stopper

Show Stopper Source:Getty

23. Hottie.

Hottie. Source:Getty

24. Thee Ryan Destiny

Thee Ryan Destiny Source:Courtesy of Walker Drawas Agency

25. Mood


26. Glow


27. Thinking of a master plan.


28. A look.


29. Creative.


30. How?