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Gorilla Glue Hairstyle

Source: Screenshot / Twitter

Tessica Brown, best known on the Internet as the infamous “Gorilla Glue Girl,” has set the Internet ablaze with her viral video that’s still making rounds. Tessica has kept her legion of supporters and worried observers updated, and appears to be taking steps to remove the Gorilla Glue from her scalp.

As we shared earlier this week, Tessica shocked the world with a TikTok video explaining her ordeal after gluing her ponytail and edges to her scalp and ended up keeping the hairstyle for an entire month.  Gorilla Glue even caught wind of Tessica’s folly, advising her with steps to remove the industrial-strength glue.

While the jokes most certainly flew off the handle, the humor turned to concern as folks began to worry about Tessica’s month-long battle with the glue. Even with tips pouring in from seemingly around the world, the glue simply would not budge.

Even celebrities began sharing Tessica’s video at first with requisite confusion of the woman’s styling choice that soon gave way to fans urging stars to aid Tessica in her time of need. Gorilla Glue claims that its product can be dissolved with warm soapy water or rubbing alcohol but it doesn’t appear either option was a feasible choice for Tessica.

As this saga continues to unfold, we’ll be right on top of it with updates soon as Tessica shares them. And with all seriousness, we hope Tessica heals up soon.

With folks on Twitter waited with bated breath, the reactions have been pouring in on the social media network. We’ve got those reactions, along with posts from Tessia, below.

UPDATE: Tessica Brown, along with Juanita Brown, launched a GoFundMe and has already met her $1,500 goal after posting the image of her getting a medical consultation on removing the glue from her scalp.

Photo: Screenshot

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