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Rapper and business mogul, 50 Cent turns 45 years old today! 50, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, shares his birthday with fellow cancer and Philadelphia native; Kevin Hart. If it’s one thing those cancers have in common, it’s their extreme pettiness! Fifty has taken over Instagram with his tell-it-how-it-is personality and petty ways. No wonder why he has gotten into so many beefs over the years. To celebrate the one guy everyone loves to hate in Hollywood, here are ten celebrities that he has had some of the most iconic beefs with over the years. Happy Birthday 50 Cent!

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1. Ja Rule- Some Beefs Never Die

Ja Rule and 50 Cent have beefed since 1999. According to 50 Cent’s 2005 memoir, he said that the rivalry began when Ja Rule was robbed at gunpoint in Jamaica, Queens while shooting a music video and later saw 50 Cent at a club with his robber.

2. Taraji P. Henson – There Can’t Be Two Shows On Top

This beef stems from Fifty’s resentment for the producers of “Empire” allegedly jacking the marketing strategy of “Power,” the show he produces. Unfortunately, our girl Taraji and the rest of the cast happened to get caught in the crossfire. 

3. Tearria Marie – She Owed Him Money

Who can forget this beef? This time Tearria Marie started this one since she filed a $30,000 revenge porn lawsuit against Fifty after her nudes were leaked online. 50 Cent later won the lawsuit in court and he’s been demanding she pays him every since.

4. Jackie Long – Because He Owed Him Money Too

50 Cent claimed Long owed him money and demanded that he pay him back. Allegedly, the two were at the casino where 50 asked Long to hold his bag of game winnings and found $3,000 of it was missing when Long returned it.

5. Rotimi- You Guessed it! He owed 50 Money too

Is there anyone who doesn’t owe 50 Cent money at this point? 50 Cent called out his Power co-star, Rotimi, over a debt of $300,000. Rotimi claimed that he didn’t owe 50 any money and that he was only being targeted because of his new album’s success.

6. Nature Naughton – We’re Not Sure What Happened Here

Naughton took issue with a post made by 50 Cent making fun of her appearance. The rapper reposted a side by side of Naughton next to Goro from Mortal Kombat. He wrote, “who the f—k did this, POWER is #1.” 

7. Kanye West- “Graduation” vs “Curtis”

50’s beef against Kanye seemed to be one he simply couldn’t win. In 2007, the two beefed over who had the best rap album between West’s Graduation and Curtis. West’s Graduation won with a staggering 957,000 units sold, while 50 Cent topped out at 691,000 units.

8. Floyd Mayweather – Because, well….Friends Aren’t Off Limits

50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather used to be close friends. According to Mayweather, the tension started in 2012 when he had to go to jail. Things were cool but soon fell off that year over business matters.

9. Marquise Jackson- Family Feuds

Jay-z said it best! No one wins when the family feuds. 50 Cent has been publicly beefing with his son, Marquise Jackson for some time now on social media. According to 50, the two fell out after he paid over $1.36 million in child support to the now 23-year-old and felt like that still wasn’t enough for Marquise or his mother.

10. Common – He Reminded 50 Of His Ex

Who would have thought that someone would have a problem with rapper, Common? Well, then again you can’t put anything past 50. 50 took issue with Common’s 2019 memoir, Let Love Have the Last Word. In the book, Common discussed his difficult breakup with girlfriend  Erykah Bady. 50 later called him the “male Vivica A. Foxx,” referencing his ex-girlfriend who shared secrets about their relationship years after their split.