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Comedienne Jess Hilarious can’t seem to catch a break. The Instagram comic turned TV star is receiving backlash for “lying” about getting her body done.

Jess’ alleged sister posted photos of Jess after the former ‘Rel’ actress apparently had a BBL procedure to transfer fat from one part of her body to her buxom bottom. If you haven’t been following the funny woman, who will take down your favorite male comedian, her petite and curvy bottom has been the topic of conversation among fans for a while now.

Apparently Jess and her sister had a falling-out over a job, which led to the sister’s vindictive post that has been removed from Instagram but started a brush fire on Twitter.

The private photos show Jess post-op, leaving fans polarized why she would lie or feeling like it’s not that big of a deal. Either way, that doesn’t take away from the sister inappropriately leaking the photos.

Jess has reportedly responded to the exposed images, saying:

The whole thing begs the question if people who have plastic surgery owe it to the public to reveal what they’ve had done. Here’s what #BlackTwitter is saying…

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