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Kwame Brown has become something of a thorn in the sign of the media world at large, in particular the hosts of the All The Smoke podcast, Stephen A. Smith, and Charlamagne Tha God. By way of his immensely popular YouTube channel, Brown invited Judge Joe Brown to the program to discuss some of the former basketball star’s recent targets and much more.

For those unaware, the younger Brown has come into his own as a broadcaster, displaying a natural wit and ease in front of the camera with an uncanny ability to stay on task while on the move, making his points clearly as he can. Much of his ire was stoked after a former teammate of his, Gilbert Arenas, went on the All The Smoke podcast with hosts Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson.

In that chat, Arenas seemingly made fun of Brown’s NBA stint with Barnes and Jackson appearing to agree by way of the clips of the episode that aired. Catching wind of it all, Brown has unleashed what appears to daily missives towards Barnes, whom he refers to as “Becky With The Good Hair” and Jackson, who Brown refers to as a “fake gangster Black activist” but in a far more profane fashion.

How Charlamagne Tha God ties into all of this is that during a recent The Breakfast Club show, the Monks Corner, S.C. native made mention of Brown’s father and brother while sharing with their large audience their violent criminal pasts. Brown said that he was largely unaware of the facts that Charlamagne put forth, and Brown has since aired out all of the radio host’s dirty laundry.

With the appearance of the judge on the Kwame Brown Bust Life page, the straight-talking elder did not mince words and fired shots at The Breakfast Club, Lizzo, Cardi B, the LGBTQ community, and anyone else who wanted it. Like the younger Brown, the judge uses profanity to hammer home his points and while some might be disagreeable to some (let’s face it, a lot of people), both men are committed to sticking to their guns and don’t seem too concerned with who agrees with them or not.

Considering some of the vicious words the judge used to describe the aforementioned women acts, it wouldn’t be much of a shock if Joe Brown will land himself on the cancel list yet it looks like he’s ready for the flood to come. During the chat, the younger Brown largely sat silent and let the judge do his thing, and among their supporters, the moment was a success. However, there is a growing contingent that has some resistance to the pair and their hyper-critical observations, in particular to Black women and the gay community.

Check out the video of the interview between Kwame Brown and Judge Joe Brown below. Keep scrolling for reactions from Twitter.

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