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Twitter Is Clowning Kirk & Rasheeda Celebrating Their 20-Year Relationship

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Last week on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Karen noticed that her stepdaughter, Cheyenne was extra flirty with Shooter, and didn’t like that one bit. KK pressed Cheyenne about what she saw, Cheyenne tells Karen she doesn’t want Scrapp to find out, little does she know that will come back to haunt her. Of course, there is more drama to touch on as well.

The episode opens up with Rasheeda, who is getting ready for her date night with her ain’t sh*t husband, Kirk. The couple arrives at a suite we presumed that has been decorated for the moment. Outside on the balcony is a table set up with two plates with waffles to signify the couple’s first date at Waffle House. Kirk and Rasheeda toast to 20 “wonderful” years of marriage. They also agree that they should both try to limit their work lives so they can have more moments together.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Atlanta, Sierra, and the kids link up with her ex, Shooter, to grab a bite to eat. Despite not being too pleased with Shooter because he left her hanging at court, she still decided to get him a birthday present.


The conversation shifts to the former couple’s daughter, who is having a hard time at school. Sierra feels the split with Shooter is part of the reason their daughter is acting out. Sierra suggests that she and Shooter should work on getting along with each other for the sake of the children.

We catch up with Joc, and he stops by his hair salon that he invested in last year. When he walks in, he is greeted by his business partner Sharonda who is not happy to see him walk through the doors. Joc isn’t there to talk business about the shop, but instead, he is linking up with LHHATL’s most useless character Alexis Skyy to talk business.

Joc reveals that he saw Alexis’ video she posted on Instagram, where she revealed that she was a victim of human trafficking. Alexis details how hard it was telling that story. Joc tells Alexis that he is holding an open forum that will focus on the human trafficking issue that is plaguing the city of Atlanta, and he wants her to come and speak.

Alexis tells Joc she will think about it but eventually decides to attend Joc’s forum. The panel consists of women who were both victims of human trafficking or helped lure girls. One woman told a heartwrenching story of how she was forced to sleep with roughly 20 men a day.

When Alexis arrives, she tells her own personal story of how she was kidnapped and held hostage at the age of 16. She had no way to contact her mom because her kidnappers took her phone. She details how a man saved her life by helping her escape.

The “queen of Atlanta,” Akbar V gets on the mic and praises Alexis for being open and sharing her story.

Rasheeda links up with Bambi, Mimi, and Sierra to do some “shopping” for some clothes for the upcoming ski trip she is planning. Rasheeda tells the ladies that she wants them to go with her because she feels it will be a great girl’s trip.

Rasheeda also confirms that Karlie was invited, and that doesn’t sit well with Sierra. She tells the group that Karlie said to her that karma is her best friend, whatever the hell that means. Sierra takes it as some sort of threat and feels Karlie will do something vindictive to get back at her. Sierra is also worried that her kids aren’t really handling her split from Shooter very well.

Bambi also uses the moment to bring everyone up to speed on the drama going on between Momma Dee and her mom Cece. Bambi tells the ladies that things got so bad that Scrappy isn’t even speaking with his mother. So this girl’s trip couldn’t have come at a better time for her because she needs some time away from the shenanigans.

In the next scene, Rasheeda, Mimi, and Karlie catch Sierra and Paris on the local news. Paris, Sierra’s daughter, was jumped in school by a fellow student and her mother. The ladies are stunned at what they just witnessed. Karlie reveals she reached out Sierra after she learned about the incident, but she also still doesn’t trust her. Mimi and Rasheeda are holding onto hope that both women can salvage their “friendship.”

Staying on Sierra, she heads over to Shooter’s house, and they touch on the incident involving their daughter and speak to her about it. Sierra breaks down what went down in the school bathroom and reveals she even tried to talk to the mother of the girl who had problems with her daughter on the phone before the fight went down to try and diffuse the situation. Sierra knows that Paris has had issues with the woman’s daughter and feels she was out of line for getting involved.

Shooter tries to talk some sense into his daughter and wants her to make better decisions pointing out she lost her brother to senseless violence. Sierra reveals that she has filed a restraining order on the woman and her daughter, and the former couple comes to the decision that Paris will stay with her father for now.

Sierra and Shooter are not only ones having problems with their kids. Kirk comes bearing bad news to Rasheeda about his oldest son. Kirk reveals that Kirk Jr. and an unnamed female employee from their restaurant got arrested.  They accused his son of having a sawed-off shotgun and weed in his possession at the time of the arrest. Both Kirk and Rasheeda don’t believe it.

Its time for the ladies to head on the girl’s trip. Karlie is still hopeful that she and Sierra can get over their issues and repair their friendship. Rasheeda shows up, but she is not dressed like she is ready to hit the road. Instead, Rasheeda breaks the news that she will not be joining them due to the situation going on with Kirk Jr. But she insists that girls be on their best behavior while on the trip.


The ladies hop on the bus, and Sierra immediately opens up about her situation with her daughter and gets emotional about it. Karlie is listening in the back and says during her confessional basically that Sierra is bugging, and she wouldn’t have gone on the trip if the same thing happened to her daughter or she would have least brought her child with her. When the topic of the infamous snuff is brought up, Karlie isn’t over that situation at all and feels she was violated by Sierra.

Karlie and Sierra are not the only ones with beef on the bus. We find out that Spice doesn’t like Shekinah after Sierra revealed that she got a text from Shekinah telling her she is on the way. So much for behaving on the trip. Meanwhile, Bambi hasn’t been feeling too well lately. While on the bus, she says she feels sick, and when she explains what is going on, the ladies immediately hint at her being pregnant. Bambi quickly shuts that down with the false assumption that due to her still breastfeeding, she can’t get pregnant, her friends tell her that’s not true at all.

Finally, the episode ends with the KK and Cheyenne situation. Both women show up to help Scrapp move to his new house. Things go left immediately with Karen going off on Cheyenne about text message exchange where she feels Scrapp’s sister was disrespectful to her about a phone bill. Like we predicted last week, KK wastes no time in spilling the tea on Cheyenne about her messing with Shooter behind his back, and the episode ends.

Viewers had thoughts on the mess that went down, of course. You can peep them in the gallery below.

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