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Ja Morant made amends for his gun-toting mistakes, but details of his off-court life are still coming to light.

In January, Morant was accused of punching a teenager during a pickup basketball game at his Tennessee home. Now, bodycam footage of the 17-year-old telling the cop how the fight went down is making the rounds on social media.

“You’re talking about basketball player Ja Morant. Like Memphis Grizzlies Ja Morant. So a grown-ass man just hit you in the face?” the cop asks.

The teen then launches into a story of a competitive game fueled by trash-talking. He says Morant threw the ball “as hard as he can” at him, and the teen did the same in return. Morant then dropped the ball before approaching the boy aggressively.

“Should I hit him? Should I?” the 17-year-old says Morant asked.

Morant allegedly swung at him, and when the teen tried to swing back, the star’s friends joined in and hit him, so he fell to the ground and continued to inflict pain.

“Then his friend come over, hit me, fell on the ground, and they just start jumping me. They were still hitting me for like the next 20 seconds,” he says.

The responding officer’s partner then turns a flashlight on to see the teen’s alleged injuries while the other notes a swollen “goose egg” bump on the back of his head.

Footage also shows the cops then reconvening and mentioning that the alleged assault occurred just hours ago.

See how Twitter‘s reacting to the newly released footage below.

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