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Ryan Rehires Lily, Old 9MAG Is A Mess & More #BlackInkChi Moments

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

The first episode of the new season of Black Ink Crew: Chicago established that Ryan is off the old and is definitely focused on his brand new situation. Tuesday’s episode further confirmed the tattoo shop owner made the right decision.

The old 9MAG is a mess and isn’t getting any better under Van’s leadership. His employees complain the shop is filthy and with Bella gone no is one taking the responsibility to clean it up. When Charmaine walks, they try to convince her to clean up the shop, but she kindly reminds them that she does not do that anymore.

Two white women walk in looking for Shine if you remember he couldn’t tolerate the unprofessionalism and quit while they were in Vegas last season. Charmaine does her best to convince them to stay and let one of the artists in the shop tattoo them, but they were like NAH, and we don’t blame them. Feeling “disrespected,” for whatever reason the employees decided to taunt and the women and tell them to leave.

Charmaine goes to inform Van about what happened and suggest he should hire some new artists he basically could care less. The problems don’t stop there for there the old 9MAG. Gina and Brittany Slam decided to pop up on the shop and take inventory.

Van decides to ignore them, but Charmaine sees this as the perfect opportunity to cry for help. She reveals the shop is running on low essential supplies like ink, water, and even toilet paper. BRUH what? Slam and Gina report the unfortunate news to Ryan, and as you can imagine, he doesn’t want to help his old shop and who can blame him honestly.

Meanwhile, Phor, who turned down working in the new 9MAG because of the original contract policy makes another boneheaded decision. WNBA franchise the Chicago Sky wants the tattoo artist/rapper to remix his hit single “Chi-Town” for the team so they can use it as their anthem. He initially accepts the fantastic offer but seems to struggle with the idea of changing the lyrics around so that it reflects the team and its players.

While this would be an easy task for any rapper, Phor is struggling to make the song happen. His friend stops by and when he recites some of the remix lyrics his friend can’t keep a straight face at all as a clear indication of the absolute struggle that his song is. Phor eventually decides to go through with it SMH.

Lily needs a job and decides to holla at Ryan for a gig at the new 9MAG. After she sits down the entire crew and makes her case, her former boss decides to give her another chance. Now that she is employed again, Lily made it her business to stop by the old 9MAG and let it be known that Ryan brought her back much to the dismay of Van, Charmaine, Don and the others. She also drops the bomb that Ryan left the less talented individuals at the old shop.

Last but not least, Charmaine’s love life was also the focus of this week’s episode. While on a staycation, the topic of marriage was brought up again, and she doesn’t want it to be an issue when the couple sits down with her parents. Neek looked clearly uncomfortable when the M-word was mentioned, and he clearly doesn’t look like he’s ready to talk about it either based on the last time their parents got together.

While at dinner with Charmaine’s folk’s things got awkward quickly with her dad bringing up marriage immediately. Neek says that he eventually walking down the aisle with their daughter is on the horizon, but that was not good enough for them. Charmaine and her mom leave the table to let the two men talk and Neek buckles down and ask her dad for permission to marry his daughter, and he couldn’t be more ecstatic.

Of course, Black Ink Crew: Chicago viewers had thoughts after watching the episode. You can hit the gallery to see them all below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

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