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BET+ First Lady of BMF: Tonesha Welch Story First Look Images

Source: Courtesy / BET+

BET+ debuted the official trailer for its highly-antiicpated true crime biopic First Lady of BMF: Tonesha Welch Story. The upcoming film, directed by Vivica A. Fox,  Michelle Mitchenor, Tobias Truvillion, Jessica “Jess Hilarious” Moore and more. Watch the trailer and check out first look images inside.

Starz first shared a deeper look inside the Black Mafia Family with its beloved crime drama series “BMF.” The story follows two Detroit brothers, Demetrius and Terry Flenor, who become powerful figures in a multi-state drug and money laundering organization.

Now, BET+ is going into the story of Tonesa Welch, who is a middle-class woman, raised in 1980s Detroit, who becomes seduced by the limelight and adventure of being in the drug game. Tonesa meets H, an older, sophisticated head of a drug organization who gives her a taste of the good life. But when H gets locked up, Tonesa forges a new path with a young, trusted confidante (Southwest T). Together, they build a notorious drug empire that puts Tonesa on a path of crime, drugs, infidelity, deception, and redemption.

For those who have been invested in the Black Mafia Family through its first series and documentary, this story may not come equipped with new information. However, with a fresh eye as director Fox shares her vision alongside new talent.

The cast includes Mitchenor, Truvillion, Moore, Kellie Williams, Leon, Tristin Fazekas, Faith Malonte and Daphnique Springs. The film was written by Gabrielle Collins and produced by MegaMind Media from executive producers Tressa Smallwood and Judge Greg Mathis.

Be sure to check out the biopic First Lady of BMF: Tonesa Welch Story coming to BET+ Oct. 5.

Check out the trailer below:

Check out first look images below:

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1. First Lady of BMF: Tonesha Welch Story

First Lady of BMF: Tonesha Welch Story Source:BET+

2. Learning the Game

Learning the Game Source:BET+

3. Love & The Game

Love & The Game Source:BET+

4. In The Beginning, It Was Love

In The Beginning, It Was Love Source:BET+

5. An Abundance

An Abundance Source:BET+

6. Mama Knows Best

Mama Knows Best Source:BET+

7. Game Sucked Her In

Game Sucked Her In Source:BET+

8. Southwest T

Southwest T Source:BET+

9. Jess With The Mess

Jess With The Mess Source:BET+

10. Leon Comin’ In Hot

Leon Comin' In Hot Source:BET+

11. Miss Tonesha Welch Means Business

Miss Tonesha Welch Means Business Source:BET+

12. Family First

Family First Source:BET+

13. Laura Winslow Not Foolin’ Us

Laura Winslow Not Foolin' Us Source:BET+

14. Life of Luxury

Life of Luxury Source:BET+

15. Love At First Grab

Love At First Grab Source:BET+

16. This Looks Good

This Looks Good Source:BET+

17. Uh Oh!

Uh Oh! Source:BET+

18. Love In This Club?

Love In This Club? Source:BET+

19. Ms. Fox Made An Appearance

Ms. Fox Made An Appearance Source:BET+

20. And, Looks Like She Didn’t Come To Play

And, Looks Like She Didn't Come To Play Source:BET+

21. It Was All Good… Until It Wasn’t

It Was All Good... Until It Wasn't Source:BET+

22. Maybe It Ends Well?

Maybe It Ends Well? Source:BET+

23. Catch It On BET+ Oct. 5th

Catch It On BET+ Oct. 5th Source:BET+