One of the best series in the world right now is Game of Thrones and everybody who is a an has been counting down the days until the next season and we’ve had to wait a whole year but now it’s Game of Thrones Time!!! And in 19 days fans will rejoice there will be […]

The 614

After being down 22 points in the second half the Bucks showed some fight and grit and fought their way back into a game many thought was over including myself, I stopped watching the game and turned the TV when my Buckeyes went down by 22. I was just upset we weren’t making shots or […]

#bigbinkshow – This just came down. ¬†according to TMZ.com, Chris Brown and Lil Wayne are targets of a drug investigation that includes thousands of dollars of narcotics including the drank called “purple stuff” or lean. ¬†These allegations actually stem from an investigation of a dealer out of Miami who told people Breezy and Wayne were […]