808s and Heartbreak

It’s a safe assumption that there are no gray areas in Kanye West appreciation. Either you consider him a genius or you want to send him on a shopping spree with Sarah Palin using an an expired Amex Black card and a stack of I.O.U’s from MC Hammer. After listening to the leak of 808s […]

Kanye West is on a roll yet again… talking ish about himself, Rihanna and Beyonce. How long until 808’s & Heartbreak drops again?

When Kanye West performed “Love Lockdown” at the MTV Awards this year I was a little disappointed and confused. It was becoming more obvious each day that Mr. West was going to take us on a vocodoric journey with his next album, 808’s & Heartbreak.  As a fan I was concerned about Kanye’s new artistic […]