Antoine Dodson

Wow, can you believe it’s been four whole years since Antoine Dodson let the news know that there was an intruder coming up in Lincoln…

LISTEN TO THE ALL-NEW PMC DISCUSS THESE TOPICS BELOW: Remember Antoine Dodson? He was made famous when he said  “Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife, They Raping Everybody Out Here.” After someone broke into his sister’s apartment. Shortly, after becoming famous Antoine came out as a gay… Well he just himself a baby boy!! According to […]

But… Antoine Dodson Announces He Is Starting Family Viral booty bandit Antoine Dodson sure has come a long way. The once famous internet star known for his flamboyant ways recently turned a new leaf and preached he was choosing to no longer live a homosexual life, in hopes of finding his way back to God: […]

Ever wonder what would happen if Belle from Beauty and the Beast lived in the hood? Check out this fun parody of Belle getting her day started in the hood!

Hide your  kids, hide your wife! Antoine Dodson, who became an overnight sensation from the now infamous YouTube clip, is using his fame to launch his musical career.  Dodson teams up with artist Brent Morgan for a track titled “Lovesick Lullaby.”  Even though Dodson’s vocals seem to be assisted by Autotune, the song seems pretty […]

Antoine Dodson, the man behind the viral video sensation “Bedroom Intruder” was busted by Alabama PD for marijuana possession. According to TMZ the internet celeb was a few days late celebrating 4/20 when cops popped him around 2:30 am Saturday the 23rd. Dodson was booked on misdemeanor charge of possession of marijuana and released a […]

Antoine Dodson has assembled a team of Z-List stars to create a movie entitled “The Chronicles of Rick Roll.” Producer Andrew Fischer is filming the ridiculous movie. He says “Our goal is to utilize the fan base and the celebrity status that these household names have, even though they’re not in Hollywood, in order to […]

Antoine Dodson is coming to reality show near you. TMZ has learned … the guy who famously battled a bedroom intruder is shooting a pilot for a reality show produced by Entertainment One. Dodson’s warning to a would-be-rapist earned him Internet fame, and he’s been on a roll ever since!! Antoine Dodson is a former […]

What do Antoine Dodson, Amare Stoudemire and Lil’Kim have in common? They’re all a part of my favorite celebs list for 2010!

Antoine Dodson hit up the Screen Actors Guild & SAGIndie Breakthrough Filmmakers Party during during AFI FEST 2010 last night (November 9) wearing this…


No more hiding your kids or wife! We have exclusive video of the  Bed Intruder! You will be surprised to see who the authorities are on the look out for! Bed Intruder – Case Closed? ( / ) – The top video clips of the week are here