Yesterday was Bobby Brown’s Birthday and instead of celebrating his birthday, he had to make a decision to take his daughter off life support.  Bobby Brown refuses to do so as he believes that God will bring her through.

  Amber Rose was definitely in her feelings today. Check out pieces of her Twitter rant….         via Bossip   Word on the street is that Tahiry is boo’d up with Philadelphia running back LeSean McCoy??? Or maybe she’s just an Eagles fan. I mean they are 4-1 right now!  Check out […]

I got your celebrity fix! Let’s start with Trey Songz! He set Instagram OFF with his “Selfie” showing off his new Calvin Klein Undies that was sent to him from the company.  Who says that guys can’t take selfies? Wait to you see the photos of Trey and his, “Selfie”.  Definitely will make you say […]