#bigbinkshow – The Bill Cosby case has came to an end and Bill will not be going to jail anytime soon because the judge has declared a mistrial.  The jury comprised of seven men and five women and after deliberating for 53 hours could not agree on a decision. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Bill […]

The word is that many of the A list celebrities that were invited to witness the “wedding of the century” have decided not to attend.  Why?  We’ll probably because it will be a media circus and everyone will be subject to “whatever happens” and THE WEDDING WILL PROBABLY LAST NOT TO MUCH MORE THAN THE […]

There have recently been a handful of rumors swirling around the internet about Daddy Yankee possibly being gay, but now it looks like the reggaeton singer is trying to put the stories to rest once and for all! It all began last month when multiple websites began reporting about his sexuality, but the Gasolina singer debunked the myths via Twitter, […]