The State of Ohio receives nationwide attention for a number of things. One of our hometown favorites is our beloved Buckeyes. However, in the Buckeye State the number of children without health insurance coverage has become a pertinent issue. According to reports, an estimated 41,642 infants, toddlers and preschoolers went without coverage in 2018, a […]


The Norwegian University of Science and Technology performed a study in which researchers discovered that playing video games as an adolescent had greater adverse effect on the developing social skills for young girls than boys. Researchers studied 873 Norwegian children, checking in on them every 2 years. These “check-ins” included questioning parents and teachers about […]

One of the most influential entertainers of our time and a true Hip Hip icon, Queen Latifah, has big plans to give back in her hometown of Newark, New Jersey. The Queen is investing in a $14 million housing project that will bring affordable housing to the city. The affordable housing project is to include […]