Yea, you definitely read that right! Let’s be honest, the 90’s urban fashion wave is one you either miss dearly or dreadfully rather not re-live! Either way, I’ve always noticed that what once was popular tends to find a way to revive itself somehow. This is proving to be no different for the hip hop […]

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#bigbinkshow – Fazion Love, fresh off the New edition Story was just trying to get his car from the valet at the Columbus airport and things went totally left.  The original video shows him going in on a Valet guy but we cant really tell why.  Fazion explains what happened and why he had to go […]

Rapper Slim Thug is the new face of FB clothing line.  Check out this new commercial that is set to launch soon where he explains his view on saggy & skinny jeans.   He’s looking mighty fine with that grown man fade now!  :-D