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  In a controversial new article, Republican strategist Raynard Jackson claims that Black women have abandoned Black men by supporting President Barack Obama and that…

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The Republican National Committee announced a new ad campaign Monday entitled “Create Your American Dream.” According to the RNC, the series of ads features Americans…

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  What in the name of R. Kelly was the GOP (Republican Party) thinking when they created a Twitter Campaign aimed at a younger, cooler demographic…

Fifty-eight years ago today, Rosa Parks, then 43-years-old, became a lightening rod for the Civil Rights Movement when she was arrested for refusing to give…

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The funny thing is, Al wasn’t even trying to be funny. He really wanted to drive the point home but the way he says it…priceless. See what he has to say about the GOP. RELATED: President Barack Obama Can Sing! [VIDEO] RELATED: Happy 48th Birthday First Lady Michelle Obama! 48 Things You Didn’t Know About […]

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New York — A former Fox News employee has sat down with Media Matters and revealed what many have been thought to be true for years, that Fox News is a partisan driven “propaganda outfit.” Media Matters reports: “It is their M.O. to undermine the administration and to undermine Democrats,” says the source. “They’re a […]

NEW YORK-Rep. Christopher Lee a married Republican Congressman from New York State has had racy pictures and texts that he sent to woman on Craiglist revealed. You can read all about it at Gawker and see other photos. In the pictures, Lee appears in his bathroom taking a pictures with a cell phone camera making […]

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I was reading a post today about how the GOP Chair Michael Steele had admitted in ways that the GOP does not care for Black people. The article touched on how conservatives are complaining and blaming the Democrats for making them look racist. Mr. Steele also addressed how the Democrats have fallen from their progressive […]