Challenge!!! It’s a grill off! HOT or NOT? Who wears it the best Miley, Madonna or Katy? Or are they all a HOT MESS?!   Follow me on Twitter @NiaNoelle @NiaNolPower1075    


Let me see your grill! SOURCE RELATED::Columbus Fire Leaves Two Injured RELATED::Rihanna’s Year-Long Break Official After ‘Diamonds’ World Tour? 29. The Training Grill. Via: gangstaxgrillz 28. The Beyonce Vampire. Via: 27. The Daddy Grill. Via: 26. And the Mommy Grill. Via: gangstaxgrillz 25. The Tin Foil Grill. Via: 24. The Homecoming Dance Grill. Via: 23. The Matching Grill. Via: gangstaxgrillz 22. The Disney Grill. Via: Via: […]