#bigbinkshow – Everybody is talking about the Royal wedding with Gucci and Keyshia.  Will you be watching?  Read below about how much they are expected to make off the day of matrimony!

#bigbinkshow – Remember when Kim Kardash thought it would be kool to marry someone for like 30 minutes?  I’m sure Kris Humphries remembers…all that damn money, all the preparation, the entire costs of a wedding gone down the drain.  In retrospect she knew damn well she wasn’t going to be with the homey that long. […]

Newlyweds Dan and Jackie Anderson—along with 20 bridesmaids and groomsmen—were crowded onto a rickety old pier for a photoshoot when it all went terribly wrong. In a 10-second video, we can see the pier collapse and break, as almost the entire party is submerged up to their waists in the lake.