DJ Dimepiece

          Here’s some music for you! Download my “Dime Time Mix” from today featuring NEW MUSIC from Kat DeLuna, Trey Songz, DJ Khaled and MORE!  

Celebrity Gossip

Well with all the rumors of Robin cheating looks like its all coming to light as the couple Paula Patton and Robin Thicke has publicly announced that they are separating.  Check out the video here:   Paula Patton and Robim Thicke Splits [VIDEO] Loved those two together.  Definitely hoping for the best for the two […]

The 614

Kat Stacks forced herself into the “limelight” by sleeping with celebs and then putting them on blast! Well now Columbus has our very own version of Kat Stacks, her name is Triple J, and she’s on a MISSON. Triple J got her name because she’s……uh….top heavy. She has her sights set on local celebs and this […]