It crazy how quick people flip back to what they know best even after a tragedy, when XXX was murdered a lot of the new wave rappers put out a lot of positive messages and many of them vowed to stop trolling 69 was one of the rappers who said he was just on positive […]

The 614

Back when i was on the night show this is how artist would come up and bless the mic!!!

He calls out Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, then makes a case for himself to be president.

Two videos surfaced of Trick Daddy yelling, cursing, and spitting on a cell phone video.

Fresh off the release of his project The Night I Went To…, Chicago rapper Rockie Fresh releases a freestyle titled “I Just Might."

T-Pain's been pretty quiet in 2016, but he's back on the circuit with a new De-Capo-produced song "Do Dat Sh*t."

Saying he "did something stupid and wrong," the White president of the Maricopa County chapter of the NAACP on Wednesday apologized for making a sexist comment following a meeting on racial sensitivity, reports the Huffington Post.