The holidays are simply a special time of year, filled with love and special treats! How about some dollar doughnuts?! The infamous Krispy Kreme team is offering $1 doughnuts with the purchase of a Krispy dozen! Grab something sweet and delicious for you and the family to enjoy during this countdown to Christmas. Today […]

This has to taste nasty as hell the taste of beer by it’s self is horrible and now you want to add marshmallows along with fruity Calypso hops “What”?? And how do you expect to drink this beer??LOL not to mention during what shows on T.V. would you advertise??

As if we weren’t all crazy in love with Beyonce already, Pepsi drinkers can now look forward to drinking out of a can with the singer’s face on it sometime next year. As Pepsi’s latestcelebrity endorser, Bey has signed a $50,000 deal with the company. PepsiCo doesn’t want this to be any old celebrity endorsement though, they […]