The 614

“Uncle Luke” says Tim Tebow should throw in the towel!! Luke,  says Tebow should stop playing football and spend his time “spreading the gospel.”  Luke says Tebow would get to “retire while he’s ahead” and that the “American people” would benefit by having him preach his religious beliefs.  Campbell adds that the Denver Broncos quarterback will […]

From Blackvoices Uncle Luke recently wrote a very interesting article about how the market for prostitutes in Miami has gone down, primarily due to the fact that supply has strongly exceeded demand. He also seems to argue that the labor rights of hooker/strippers are consistently violated by club owners who demand a piece of the […]

Here are just a few of the stars that were in attendence at the Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash in Atlanta. Check em out. Here’s a video of Plies backstage at Birthday Bash 15 talking about his “sex diet.” Here’s a video of Trina backstage at Birthday Bash. Here’s a video of Luke backstage at Birthday […]

(AllHipHop News) With pointed criticism of their product from southern Hip-Hop legends Scarface and Luke, VH1 Honors executive producers Nelson George and Fab Five Freddy are defending this year’s selections and criteria.