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  As the summer season is settling in amongst us, the looming fall season approaching is raising some necessary questions about the upcoming school year. The Columbus City School District has laid out some plans to take on the new school year. According to the district, students and staff are required to wear masks while […]


At many schools across the country students are finding themselves in debt. The debt is piling up from students eating lunch everyday. The lunch debt thats building up is making some school officials take matters into their own hands. The Wellington Exempted Village School District superintendent reveals that an investigation is currently underway to determine […]


  The holiday is a beautiful season full of kind hearts and major give back. Many people make it point to seek out certain charities or organizations they can donate to, whether it be money, toiletries, toys, or clothes and shoes. In a purely selfless act, and a little push sparked from news coverage, four […]


A school district in Pennsylvania immediately received backlash after warning parents their children could be removed from their homes and placed into foster care if the balances of overdue lunch bills are not paid. According to Fox News, the Wyoming Valley West School District in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, said about 1,000 student accounts owe a […]

The 614

Just want to give all these kids a hug! I love this story of some of our babies at Gorsuch West Elementary trying to help some students pay off any balances owed for school lunches. The students behind the after-school program goal were to raise $350 to put towards the balance their classmates owe. “Well, […]

The 614

Tyler McCarty is doing something incredible he’s making sure that all student eat lunch by raising money to pay off unpaid school lunches, he has created a fun run to help pay down the $2300 bill the Delaware city school district has and they say the fun run will go a long ways for those […]

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It’s official the make America great campaign will officially begin this Thursday when Ye and the 45th sit down for lunch at the White House. According to docs obtained from TMZ  their agenda will include discussing boosting American manufacturing and preventing gang violence, especially in Ye’s hometown of Chicago … according to the White House.They’ll also […]

DJ Dimepiece

It’s going down! Yung Joc is now single and ready to mingle! He also wants to take you to lunch!

Anniversary Party

Our Anniversary Party is this Friday and one of our performers Elle Varner is coming in early Friday to have lunch and hang out with me in the studio! And I want to invite some of YOU to join us!

An Oregon Zoo lioness recently thought she hit the snack jackpot when she saw a baby wearing a zebra-striped hoodie. What ensued — thankfully G-rated — was captured on video and has since gone viral, turning the unlikely pair into Internet stars.


Our countries leaders including Barack and Michelle Obama are advocating for increased exercise, better meals in schools, and better nutrition overall for citizens of our country. While on the other hand the government is about to feed our kids over 7 Million Pounds Of ‘Pink Slime’. RELATED: Joseph Kony And Why You MUST Watch This […]

Back to School

For months the topic of health, nutrition and school lunches has been debated in the media. British Chef Jamie Oliver brought the most attention to the issue recently with his television show, “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.” Oliver, who started the revolution in his native country, believes school lunches should be healthy. Says Jamie: This food […]