Making Love

According to The Sun, a Chinese couple recently fell out of their apartment window to their deaths while making love. The unstable window they were having sex against allegedly broke, causing them to plummet to the ground in central China. Witnesses say that as they fell from their apartment, they held each other tight. This tragedy […]

Last time JT made music, he was trying to help America get laid. Now he’s trying to get you to make love. SOURCE RELATED::Lil Wayne’s Seizure Had ‘Nothing to Do With Drugs,’ Says Birdman RELATED::Morris Chestnut Reveals Juicy Details Of The Sequel To ‘The Best Man’ [AUIDO] When Justin first teamed up with Timbaland in 2002, […]

There are some that choose not to discriminate when it comes to “the loving” and that reaches across all lines– even size. Some women say that they love a chubby belly, and once you go fat you can’t go back. Let’s explore: this is a man that is most definitely aware of his size, so […]