The #MannequinChallenge (along with Rae Sremmurd‘s now-viral hit song “Black Beatles”) has been circulating the interwebs for a few weeks now. The “Rickey Smiley For Real” cast nailed it, and now Rickey Smiley‘s family took a stab at it over the Holiday weekend! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Check out the exclusive video above to see […]

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Now you know it’s real when you get prisoners to participate in the mannequin challenge. Check this video out of some of Alabama’s toughest criminal’s doing the mannequin challenge.


So what happens when all the way woke actor, writer & director Simone Shepard filmed her own #MannequinChallenge pure #BlackGirlMagic Hit play to understand #StayWoke Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Related Stories: Watch Columbus Movie Goers Nail the #MannequinChallenge 6 Times Hip-Hop & Politics Collided


The #MannequinChallenge has taken over social media so when our winners for the premier of the movie Almost Christmas were waiting for the show to start we hit record. Check out Columbu movie goers nail the #MannequinChallenge   Get the Latest on More Contest, News & Events!  Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

In late October, a video of a bunch of Jacksonville, Florida high school students seemingly frozen in time surfaced on twitter with the caption #MannequinChallenge. The video went viral, prompting other people nationwide, from students to professional sports teams, to join in on the fun. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Well, the cast and crew […]