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Show them how we do it in the O-H-I-O!!! We love our Ohio State marching band and soon so will the rest of the country. The band heads to New York City to perform in their first Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. However, the band hasn’t forgotten that this week is “Beat Michigan Week.” “I think performing […]


College marching bands have been doing a bunch of dope covers since the college football season started a few weeks ago.

  The Ohio State University Marching Band is out to prove they are the dopest marching band around. After a mesmerizing halftime show paying tribute…

  Michael Jackson is the Bret “The Hitman” Hart of music. He is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there…

The 614

  What happens when you mix The Ohio State Marching Band and Michael Jackson????  Only one of the best moonwalking performances ever!   Last weekend The Ohio State Marching Band paid tribute to the king of pop!!!  Check out the video and be ready to be impressed! (If you wanna skip to the moonwalking fast […]