Giants fans groan when they think about post-prison Michael Vick‘s peak. It’s when he led the Eagles to a 21-point comeback during a regular season that ended with a…

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R. Kelly’s ex-wife, Andrea Kelly, says the R&B star is behind on his child support payments. According to the “New York Post’s” “Page Six,” Andrea filed court papers last week accusing R. Kelly of falling behind on his 20-thousand-dollar per month child support payments. Last year, he was accused of failing to pay over 100-thousand-dollars […]


Michael Vick made a bizarre choice when he picked out his new puppy ... 'cause the convicted dog fighter's new poochie is one of the TOUGHEST breeds around ... one that's used by the Navy SEALS.

Just when you think Michael Vick has got it all together, you find out stuff like this. The Philadelphia Eagles player is surviving on his…

There were reports Michael Vick had his publicist calling everyone with any type of connection to get him into the biggest fashion shows during New York’s Fashion Week. Vick is coming forward claiming his publicist’s identity was stolen and whoever is making those calls is a fake. Vick’s real rep, Chris Shigas, says Vick doesn’t […]

Michael Vick has reportedly canceled his sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey.  The interview with Winfrey would have been his first major interview since being released from prison.


Donovan McNabb was given a hero’s welcome in Philadelphia when he returned for the first time wearing a rival Washington Washington Football Team uniform. But the much hyped showdown between the former Eagles QB and Michael Vick was cut short.

The 614

The NFL is looking into a shooting incident that happened outside Michael Vick’s birthday party last week.  However, according to, commissioner Roger Goodell says Vick is not the focus of the police investigation into the incident.  Vick was celebrating his 30th birthday last Thursday in Virginia Beach, when a confrontation broke out outside of the […]